Finlinx Wealth delivers strategic superannuation advice, tailored to client needs and objectives allowing them to focus on living in the now, knowing that their future needs and goals are on target.

Your Super Is Your Future.

Superannuation is likely to be the greatest wealth vehicle for most Australians and a popular way to save for retirement.

Put simply, contributing to super will allow you to put aside money during your working life to use when you retire. With recent Government reforms to super, it’s now one of the most tax-effective long-term retirement savings vehicles available.

Regardless of age or time to retirement individuals should take greater control and oversight of their superannuation. It is the most likely source of wealth people will utilise in retirement and as such it needs to be managed effectively to ensure that you can retire on your terms.

There are many strategies available to help you maximise your retirement saving through superannuation. Whatever your plans for retirement, we can help you decide on the most appropriate strategy to make your plans for retirement become a reality.

Contributing to a superannuation fund is one of the best ways to accumulate wealth for your retirement. We can help you work with you to determine how much money you need to retire on to maintain your desired lifestyle and how you can go about achieving that goal.

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